Welcome, Bolder Woman!

This is where you can schedule a 1:1 coaching session with me at a special price only available to my Bolder Women members, now until January 15th, 2024!

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If you’ve been following me in the group or attending the meetings, you know I’m dedicated to helping you make 2024 your boldest year yet!

Each of our meetings from September - January will be covering a topic that will help you get clear on what you want and what you need to release in order to get there.

If you’ve been to our meetings, you know they’re a fertile space for creating new realizations…big “Ah-Ha!” moments…and key shifts that allow you to take action toward the bold dream you have for your life.

But sometimes a once-a-month meeting isn’t enough.


That’s where my 1:1 coaching comes in.

To help you get ready for a BIG, BOLD 2024, I’m offering 1 hour sessions for just $79! That’s 60% off my normal single session price!

During our time together, we can discuss anything that would help you make 2024 YOUR year! That includes…

  • Dreaming up new possibilities for who you could be or what you could do.
  • Creating a vision (for your year…your business…your career…your life in general).
  • Developing a plan to achieve a goal or bring a dream to life.
  • Finding clarity on a tough decision.
  • Identifying your purpose.
  • Anything that’s holding you back as you courageously go out and live your purpose. (I especially love working with women entrepreneurs!)
  • Rediscovering who you are. (I’ve been in that place where I’ve thought, “I don’t even know who I am anymore” and found my way back to myself.)
  • Taking your life…or any key area of it…from fizzling to sizzling! (If you’ve been to the Bolder Women meetings, you know how passionate I am about not letting ourselves get stuck in that soul-sucking place of “fine” - i.e. mediocrity.)
  • Anything that’s keeping you stuck…stressed…or spinning on analysis paralysis! Let’s get you moving toward joy, alignment, and forward progress!

How to Get Started

Just click the “Book Here” link below and you’ll be taken to my calendar where you can choose a meeting time. From there, you’ll be taken to a payment link and you’ll be all set!

If you have any questions, or if you can’t find a time on my calendar that works for you, just shoot me an email at terra@soulfireshift.com. I’m sure we can find a time that fits both of our schedules!

I can’t wait to work with you!

P.S. This offer is only good for members of my Bolder Women MeetUp group.

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