3 Fast Ways to Stop Repelling the Things You’re Trying to Attract into Your Life

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Do you ever get stuck on a thought that you’re sure is repelling the very thing you’re trying to attract into you life?

Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, it’s hard to deny that there’s something there.

Like the person who desperately wants a romantic relationship, but whose very desperation seems to repel the people they want to attract.

Or the phenomenon where a couple is desperate for a baby, and can’t get pregnant, but as soon as they adopt, the woman gets pregnant.

In these situations, and many others, we get so focused on not having the thing we want, that it seems to drive that thing even further away!

So how do we switch gears when not having the thing we want is truly causing us a lot of stress and heartache?

In this video, I share 3 of my favorite and fastest techniques for shifting out of those repellent thoughts and back into a place of peace and spaciousness, which is where we can truly attract the things we want into our lives!

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