4 Quick Ways to Shift Out of A Bad Mood (video)

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Lot’s of things can put us in a bad mood – especially these days as we learn to deal with the rapid fire changes that have been thrown at us with the pandemic.

If you’ve been affected directly – either through your health, your job, your savings, or someone you love – then you might be feeling even more powerful emotions than just a bad mood. You might be anxious, fearful, or be in grief.

And even outside of the pandemic, a million things can throw us into a bad mood – from external issues, like dealing with a mean co-worker…or internal issues, like getting mad at yourself for making the same mistake…again.

The worst part is, it can feel like we have no control over our bad mood and that we just need to wait until something good happens before we can get out of it. But that leaves us at the mercy of outside circumstances we have little to no control over.

In today’s video, I want to empower you with 4 quick ways (plus 1 bonus way!) you can shift into a more positive mood without relying on anything happening outside of you.

Here’s the thing – bad moods feel crappy. They feel heavy and dark, and they don’t allow you to move forward. Shifting even a quarter inch to the positive brings lightness, more ease, and a space that allows you to move toward what you DO want in your life.

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