At the End of Your Rope? Why “Giving Up” Is More Dangerous Than You Think and What To Do Instead (video)

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Are you going through a tough time?  Like a really tough time?  Maybe one that’s been dragging on for weeks, months or years?  Maybe one where there’s no end in sight, or you’re not sure how or when things are going to change?

If you’ve come to the end of your rope and feel like giving up, today’s video is for you!  

I offer an alternative to giving up, and give you a tool you can use for when the idea of “turning that frown upside down” makes you want to barf or slap someone into next week, or barf on someone and then slap them into next week.

Even if you’re flying high, the idea I talk about in this video is something you’ll want to cultivate now so that you can call on it in your darker moments.

This is about building resilience and perseverance – two qualities that are absolutely required if we’re committed to shining bright and living the life we were meant to live.

Remember, it IS your time to shine.  You got this! I believe in you!



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