Coaching Q&A: What Happens In a Coaching Session?

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If you’ve thought about getting a coach, but held back because you’re not sure what even happens in a coaching session, this post is for you!

To get the most out of each session, you’ll want to bring a goal you want to work towards, or a topic that’s bothering you, spinning in your head, causing you to suffer in some way, or just keeping you stuck. 

Together, we’ll determine an objective for the session and then we’ll dive into the process (more on this in a minute). 

At the end of the session, we’ll circle back to the objective we set and evaluate where we landed.

We’ll also discuss action steps you can take forward into the following week to move you closer to your goals and desires.

During the session, I may simply ask you a variety of thought-provoking questions that allow you to consider the issue in new ways, or I may use one of the many tools I learned in my professional training. 

Depending on the objective of our session, I may choose a tool that will help you tap into your imagination and creativity.  Or I may choose a tool that helps you shift your perspective and find new awareness in an area that was previously unconscious.  As a third option, I may use a tool that helps you loosen the grip of a recurring and self-defeating thought.

It’s these shifts and new understandings that form new neural pathways in your mind which open up new possibilities you didn’t see before. 

It’s like looking at the world with one eye closed versus both eyes wide open!  The world didn’t change, but your view of it did! 

The coaching process also disrupts the well-worn neural pathways that are keeping you stuck.  When we can finally shed beliefs that aren’t serving us, like “I’m not worth the price I’d really like to charge for my services” or “I can never take time for myself because my family always needs something”, it’s freeing! 

It’s like driving your car while towing a heavy trailer behind you versus unhooking the weight and being able to hit the gas!

It’s this combination of shedding old patterns you’ve outgrown, and opening up new possibilities, setting goals, and taking concrete steps forward that makes coaching so powerful.

Your life takes off in a direction you once only dreamed of!

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