Coaching Q&A: Will Coaching Really Help Me?

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Have you thought about getting a coach, but wondered if it will be worth it?  

=> “Will it really help me?”

=> “Will it be worth the money?”

=> “What are the benefits I can really expect?”

These are some common questions people have about coaching.  They’re also valid questions that deserve a thoughtful answer.  

As with any personal improvement service – whether it’s a personal trainer…a diet coach…a meditation teacher…a life coach…or anything else – there are too many factors at play to give a blanket list of guaranteed benefits.  

From time commitment…to discipline…to self-awareness level…to your current life situation – there are lots of factors that will play a role in how much improvement you’ll see from any of these services.

But if you’re thinking about hiring me as a coach, here’s what I can tell you to help you make the best decision:

First, let’s make sure we vibe.  That’s why I offer a free “Meet & Greet” session. 

In my experience of being both a coach and a client, I’ve found the best results come when there’s a natural chemistry, or rapport, between the two parties. 

In other words, you’ll go much farther, higher, and faster with a coach you vibe with.  And my coaching will be more intuitive, effective, and “in flow” when I’m working with someone I vibe with.  

Second, here are some key benefits my clients often report from coaching with me.  While I can’t guarantee this will be your experience for the reasons I mentioned above, this can help give you an idea of what my coaching can offer:

  • Greater Clarity:  
    Clarity is like having a compass.  When we’re confused, we don’t know which way to go and we can’t move forward.  Our mind just spins on various scenarios and we stay stuck. 

    That confusion may be around what we wan… what we don’t want…what to do…how we feel…why we feel a certain way, or a myriad of other topics. 

    It’s only when we get clear that we can take action toward our happiest life and highest potential.
  • Moving Forward Faster:  
    Because coaching helps people find clarity, they’re able to move toward their goals with greater speed.  Instead of wasting time spinning, questioning, and second guessing, they take action

    Sometimes that might be taking action on a fully fleshed out plan that we’ve developed together, and sometimes it might just be taking the next step that feels right, even if you don’t know exactly where you’re headed yet. 

    Either way, you’re building momentum and making positive forward movement, rather than staying stuck and going nowhere!
  • More Confidence: 
    There’s a lot of books out there that promise to teach you strategies that will build your confidence…

but here’s what I’ve found in my own life

Nothing has built my confidence more than living my life in alignment with who I truly am.  

And I’ve seen this proved true time and again with my clients. 

I spent 21 years in a career that was fine, but never lit me up.  I spent 7 years married to a good man who wasn’t right for me.  I spent tens of thousands of dollars to be part of a mastermind I enjoyed to a degree, but never felt like I truly belonged. 

In every single one of these cases, my confidence took a hit.  I was the square peg trying to jam myself into the round hole, thinking there was something wrong with me because I didn’t fit.

Today I’m in a career that sets my soul on fire…I’m married to the love of my life…and I’m part of a FAR less expensive mastermind that delivers way more value to me because it’s a fit for me and I’m a fit for the group.

It didn’t happen overnight, but I can tell you that with every step I took towards my true self, my confidence got stronger.  I see this happen in my clients, too. 

There’s something unshakable about the truth. 

And when we live our truth, we become unshakable. 

It doesn’t mean everything’s easy.  It doesn’t mean there aren’t hard times.  But it does mean that, the more you live in alignment with your true nature, the more you’ll experience a deep sense of peace and confidence that keeps you steady no matter what life throws at you.

  • Relief: 
    Most of us have a lot of stuff that just spins in our minds – from that sticky situation with your co-worker…to that comment your partner made…to whether to launch this program or that program in your business…to how to raise your prices or get a raise…to any number of situations that cause a degree of stress and suffering.  

Coaching gives you the time and space to get those things out of your head, speak them out loud, and work through them with a trained professional. 

By doing so, you free up your energy and free up space in your mind to focus on more life-enhancing pursuits

…rather than on things that are sucking the life right out of you

It’s like taking that 10 pound weight off your shoulders and finding that “ahhhh!” feeling of lightness and ease!

  • Direction:  
    One of the worst feelings in the world is to feel like a ship without a rudder, bouncing around on the open ocean. 

    We all want to feel like we’re headed somewhere meaningful…like we’re living our lives on purpose…and like we’re making a difference by using the best of who we are – our unique gifts, talents, and skills – to serve others.

    If all you know is that you’re not happy, but you’re not sure what you want, the coaching process can help you find your direction. 

    Most importantly, it can help you find the direction that’s in alignment with your soul – that deeper part of you that knows who you really are and what you really want.
  • Accountability and Support: 
    Even when we know where we’re going and what to do, actually getting ourselves to do it is sometimes the hardest part!  Add to that, the fact that – most of the time – our big plan doesn’t go as planned!

    ==> Look – there’s a reason Joseph Campbell called it “The Road of Trials”. 

    The hero’s journey is never a straight shot up and to the right. 

    We stumble…we lose faith…our plan fails…we meet unexpected challenges.  It’s hard. 

    But walking that path with a coach by your side is a heck of a lot easier than going it alone.

    Coaching helps you stay on track…gives you the support to keep going even when it’s hard…helps you reroute if/when your plan doesn’t work..and helps you recognize and celebrate the small wins along the way so your heart stays fueled on the journey!

I hope this post helps you make the best decision for you! 

If you think I might be the right coach for you, I would love to chat.

Book a free “Meet & Greet” session with me here: and let’s see if we vibe!

I would love to help you walk the path to your happiest life and highest potential!

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