How To Make Tough Decisions Easier

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Do you ever struggle with making tough decisions?

Do you ever get stuck weighing the pros and cons of your options…spinning on analysis paralysis for hours, or even days, months, or years?

😩 Making tough decisions is…well…tough…because there’s usually a lot at stake.

You’re facing a risk and you’re having to decide things like, whether it’s worth it…which one is worth it…which one is least painful…which one has the best chance of success…which one is best in the short run vs. long run…and whether or not you can do it.

It often feels like you’re between a rock and a hard place, and that’s never fun…

👉 …but what feels even worse is not moving forward at all.

Fortunately there’s a way to make tough decisions easier: getting clear on our values.

🎯 When we’re clear on our values – on what we stand for – it’s easier to make decisions.

===> If you know you stand for your own prosperity, raising your prices as an entrepreneur becomes clear.

===> If you know you stand for respect, letting go of that well-paying client who’s rude to you becomes clear.

===> If you know you stand for your own joy and self-actualization, leaving that unfulfilling job and finding something that aligns with you becomes clear.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy and it doesn’t mean you have to make rash decisions that throw your life into chaos.

⭐️ But it does mean you have to start walking in that direction in order to maintain your sense of self.

Once you’re clear on your values, you can put together a plan that allows you to live those values in the decisions you make.

🔥 It’s a key step toward making the bold dream you have for your life a reality, and that’s what my mission is about!

Here are 3 ways you can start getting clear on your values now:

1️⃣ Review the core values list below and circle your top 5 values. Then put a star next to your top 2 – the two that are the backbone to making everything else in your life work.

2️⃣ Look at where you have pain in your life. Then ask yourself this question from Steven Hayes, the founder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: “What would I have to not care about in order for this not to hurt?”

Here’s an example:

⚫️ Pain Point: Not making enough money to fulfill your dreams.

⚫️ What would you have to not care about in order for that not to hurt: Fulfilling your dreams.

⚫️ Your Value: Having the power to make your dreams come true. Or, in a word, empowerment…self-reliance…self-sufficiency…and/or personal agency.

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