Is Your Life Feeling Lifeless? This Might Be Why

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What would it look like to bet on yourself today, instead of your fear?  

What if you put your money on you this week…this month…this year…and this lifetime?

It’s so easy to go all in on our fear.  It’s so easy to take the safe route and make the comfortable choice.

It requires no courage…no vulnerability…no risk.  

And that feels like relief.  

For a little while.

And then it starts to feel constricting.  Like you’re getting smaller.  And becoming more afraid.

Eventually it feels suffocating.  

You may not notice it at first.  You may instead notice the many masks it wears: 

…anger…fear…numbness…anxiety…depression…blaming others…feeling like a victim…feeling lost…and even physical aches, pains and disease.  

Sometimes it’s a combination of these.  The soul doesn’t like to be suffocated and it will let you know by causing you to suffer in some way or many ways.

I call it the high risk of the safe choice.  

You see…the “safe choice” isn’t actually safe at all.  

Because over time, it eats away at your dreams and takes chips out of your soul until one day you wake up wondering how the hell you ended up here, with a life that feels like a flame trying to stay lit with too little oxygen.

The safe bet, it turns out, is betting on yourself.  

The safe bet, it turns out, is answering the call of your soul that’s longing to feel seen, fulfilled, actualized and on purpose.

The safe bet, it turns out, is betting on your ability to create the life you want.

So today, play it safe and put all your chips on you.  

Because when we bet on fear instead of faith in ourselves, what we’re actually doing is selling out our happiest life and highest potential for a few moments of short-lived comfort.  

And that’s a bet that that will leave us empty-handed and empty-hearted every time.

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